Pentoxifylline embryo hasarını azaltıyor

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Effect of pentoxifylline in reducing oxidative
stress-induced embryotoxicity1
Xiaoyan Zhang,2 Rakesh K. Sharma,2,3 Ashok Agarwal,2 and Tommaso Falcone2
Submitted May 13, 2005; accepted July 6, 2005
Purpose: To 1) evaluate the embryotoxic effects of hydrogen peroxide on mouse embryo
development and 2) examine if pentoxifylline can reverse hydrogen peroxide induced embryotoxicity.
Methods: Prospective in vitro study examining the effects of varying concentrations of hydrogen
peroxide and pentoxifylline on the blastocyst development rate alone as well as in
Results: A dose-dependent decrease in % BDR was seen with increasing concentrations
of H2O2. High concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (>60μM) were embryotoxic. Pentoxifylline
(500μM) was able to reduce the embryotoxic effect of hydrogen peroxide. Percent
blastocyst development rate increased from 44% in hydrogen peroxide alone to 85% in hydrogen
peroxide and pentoxifylline coincubation.
Conclusions: Pentoxifylline may be beneficial in reducing hydrogen peroxide induced embryo
damage and improve IVF outcome. Patients with endometriosis-associated infertility
may benefit from the use of pentoxifylline without significantly affecting embryo development.

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